BJCP Style Guidelines

The 2015 version of the BJCP Style Guidelines for Beer, Mead, and Cider is the current version. The BJCP Style Guidelines are maintained by the BJCP Style Guidelines Committee, currently chaired by BJCP President Emeritus Gordon Strong. This page provides links to download or access our style guidelines in various formats. You can also view the guidelines on the web via the links in the navigation menu. 

Style Guidelines Primary Source Documents

These are the official guidelines and documents maintained by the BJCP. They are suitable for double-sided printing. If you have questions about permission to use our guidelines for purposes other than BJCP-sanctioned competitions or educational judge training, please contact the Communications Director.  

  • 2015 Beer Style Guidelines (PDF, DOCX)
  • 2015 Mead Style Guidelines (PDF, DOCX)
  • 2015 Cider Style Guidelines (PDF, DOCX)
  • Ingredient Reference Guide (PDF)
  • The Complete 2015 Beer, Mead, and Cider Guidelines + Ingredient Reference Guide (PDF)
    • This document is also available for purchase as a print-on-demand spiral-bound book from The Book Patch.

Alternative Versions

These are special-use versions, translations, or conversions of the guidelines into other formats for specific uses. All have been supplied by external contributors but have not been checked by the BJCP for accuracy. Report any errors to the original contributors.

  • Mobile Applications
    • Search for `BJCP` in your favorite app store and pick your favorite! The BJCP currently does not publish our own app, but we have allowed others to publish as long as the app remains free to judges. 
  • XML Versions of Style Guidelines
    • Single File (XML). Submitted by Phil Murray and maintained externally on github.
    • Separate Files. Submitted by Matthew Smedberg and maintained externally on github.
  • Spreadsheet of Style Guidelines
    • Submitted by Lucas Zacharias (XLSX)
    • Submitted by Bob Alvord (XLSX)
  • Spreadsheet of Commercial Examples  
    • Submitted by Conrad B. (XLS)
  • Spreadsheet of Classic Styles (XLS)
    • Submitted by Al Boyce

International Versions and Documents

Various non-English translations will be posted on our International Resources page as they are completed.