Gordon Strong as President Emeritus

Dennis Mitchell motioned to grant former President Gordon Strong the title of President Emeritus, per the proposal below. Motion passed 10-0. 

BJCP President Emeritus


President Emeritus status is often granted by organizations to recognize outstanding and distinguished service by an outgoing president. Outstanding and distinguished service is service that exceeds the normal duties and responsibilities of the position and which has had extraordinary impact on the organization over a significant period of time (often more than a decade but sometimes less). Emeritus status is given to individuals who have demonstrated the highest levels of personal and professional integrity as well as provided exemplary vision and leadership to an organization. The distinction also serves to codify a permanent and mutually beneficial relationship between an organization and the President Emeritus.


With 15 years of exemplary service as BJCP President, is it undeniable that Gordon Strong provided the organization with outstanding and distinguished service. He helped to rescue the organization from an unfortunate period of dishonest leadership and fraud, and he helped grow the program’s membership and notoriety through steady leadership that unwaveringly upheld the BJCP’s mission. His highest-in-the-organization rank of Grand Master XIV demonstrates that he served the organization in addition to his president role as a prolific judge, proctor, IT Director, mentor, and so forth. As the primary editor of the BJCP Style Guidelines, he helped to expand the depth and accuracy of the guidelines and elevate their status to an internationally-recognized source of knowledge about beer, mead, and cider styles. 

For these reasons, in recognition of his outstanding and distinguished service to the Beer Judge Certification Program, Gordon Strong of Beavercreek, OH, should be granted the status of BJCP President Emeritus with the following rights, privileges, and responsibilities:

  • Use of the title “BJCP President Emeritus” in communication and activities related to BJCP duties;
  • Providing continued support and advocacy for the BJCP and its mission;
  • Listing on the BJCP Officers and Staff web page;
  • Invitation to BJCP staff events;
  • Providing counsel to the BJCP board and staff when called upon to do so;
  • Serving on BJCP projects and committees as approved by the BJCP Board; and
  • Receipt of 14 GMSR points annually so long as these emeritus duties are actively fulfilled (the number of points equal to his rank when leaving the president position).

The title of President Emeritus confers no remuneration, rights, or benefit in addition to those provided above. Emeritus status does not grant any of the authority or administrative functions associated with holding a BJCP representative, officer, or staff position. The award of the President Emeritus title does not preclude future service to the BJCP as appointed staff or elected representative provided other qualifications for those roles are met.

The BJCP Board of Directors retains the authority to withdraw a President Emeritus title at its discretion as it deems necessary and appropriate with a 2/3 majority vote.