Embroidered Merchandise

Members may purchase embroidered BJCP logo merchandise via our Queensboro Embroidery on Demand Shop. The BJCP does not profit from any purchases from these stores, and we do not control any promotional offers or shipping rates. If you have difficulty accessing a store or have general questions about BJCP merchandise, contact the Assistant Communications Director

BJCP Shop at Queensboro

The BJCP Queensboro Shop offers a wide range of products, including work shirts (Red Kap brand), polos, T-shirts, jackets, dress shirts, sweatshirts and bags/backpacks. Clothing is available in both men’s and women’s cuts and a variety of colors and brands. For a small fee, members can add custom embroidery such as their name or rank (see example below). Queensboro also offers international shipping, so our judges outside the US can now order BJCP logo merchandise.

To access the store, log into the Merchandise Portal using your BJCP Judge Portal credentials and click on “Go to BJCP Merchandise Store.” This will automatically take you to the BJCP store homepage. Once you are on the BJCP Queensboro Shop page, you will need to register for a Queensboro account to make a purchase.

Queensboro often runs special coupon pricing (e.g. 15% off your order or $15 off $50 or more), which is displayed on the BJCP Queensboro store homepage. Be sure to click on the coupon to activate it for your order.

This is an embroidery-on-demand store, so items must be created after you order them. Please allow several weeks for product embroidery and delivery. If you have questions about an order, please contact Queensboro directly.