BJCP Announces Provisional Styles

Since the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines were produced, additional styles have been identified and defined. As regenerating the style guidelines is something we only want to do every five years or so, we have created provisional style definitions to address these additions.

These styles are considered draft, but may be used by competitions as official styles. Suggested groupings are included with the styles. Competition software should allow for these styles to be mentioned in a comment field, and judges should use these style definitions as a reference during judging.

As of this post, four provision styles have been identified and defined: Burton Ale, New England IPA, Catharina Sour and New Zealand Pilsner. Hopefully this will make it easier for entrants and judges to use a common definition for these new styles. Comments should be addressed to the  BJCP style committee. Refer to the provisional styles page for links to currently defined provisional styles.