National Homebrew Competition Final Round Judge Schedule Format

A new scheduling format will be used this year for the AHA NHC Final Round judging in Portland. Instead of the traditional 2 category judging sessions we’ll be conducting 3. The deck provided here gives an overview of the new schedule, the benefits to doing it this way, and some keys to its success. It’s highly recommended that everyone coming out to judge take a look at this ahead of the actual judging. 

NHC Final Round – Portland Judging Sessions

Download “NHC 3 Flight Plan” NHC-3-Flight-Judging.pdf – 206 KB

Sign up for judging and stewarding is still open. We can always use more judges and we could really use more stewards. To sign up head on out to the National Homebrew Competition site and either log in with your first round credentials or create a new profile (towards the right of the login page).