Grants Policy

Funding available for independent projects

The BJCP Board of Directors has had a policy since 2003 for support of worthy causes that further the mission of the BJCP. The official policy statement, as amended, including the procedure for submitting applications, is provided here.
  1. The BJCP Board of Directors shall vote annually on an allocation to fund “educational enhancement grants,” hereinafter referred to as grants, in support of the mission of the BJCP. The total annual amount awarded shall be no greater than US$1,000.00.
  2. The BJCP shall, in its official publications, make known to its membership the availability of these grants and the process of application. Grants will be based on merit, demonstrated financial need and/or relevance to the BJCP mission statement and are intended for use in educational programming, competition development and academic scholarship. Grants may be applied for use by individuals and events. The grant fund shall not be a source for BJCP official business the Board of Directors may elect to fund in the normal course of operations. Examples of grants include competition registration fee waiver, financial assistance to educational events, the development and publication of educational materials, etc.
  3. Application may be submitted at any time during the calendar year, for allocation during that allocation year.
  4. Only active members of the BJCP may apply for grants, but applications may be on the behalf of non-members or activities and events not registered with or associated with the BJCP.
  5. Applications are to be submitted to the BJCP Vice-President and shall be considered in the order submitted by a Grants Committee appointed by the Board of Directors. This committee will make a decision to award or decline the grant within a reasonable time period. The Grants committee shall be chaired by the Vice-President of the BJCP Board of Directors, who shall coordinate with the appropriate officials as necessary to award the grant, and otherwise account for the annual allocation by submitting an annual report to the BOD.
  6. Applications shall be reviewed and considered as submitted in writing, either on paper or by electronic means. The review committee shall be under no obligation to research or solicit additional information in order to make a decision. All award decisions are considered final with no provision for appeal.
  7. No single award shall exceed US$500.00.
  8. No Director, officer or appointed official of the BJCP shall be eligible to receive grants during his/her term of office, but may make application for the benefit of other individuals, events or groups.
  9. Allocated but unawarded funds may or may not accrue to the next allocation year at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  10. Applications for grants shall expire at the end of the allocation year. They may not be carried forward to a new year.