Logo and Name Usage Policy

Active Members may use the BJCP logo and name on personal items related to the performance of judging duties (e.g., judge labels, notebooks, judging kits, articles of clothing, business cards). Competitions sanctioned by the BJCP may use the BJCP logo and name in the marketing of their competition, such as on web sites, flyers, posters, email, and traditional mail, and may use the BJCP logo and name on any competition materials not already marked in such a manner from the BJCP. The BJCP logo and name may be used by administrators of registered BJCP exams for the purpose of advertising the exam to potential examinees.

The use of the logo and name in the manner described in this policy is only for individual use, not commercial use. No BJCP member may sell or market items with the BJCP logo or name without prior approval from the BJCP. No BJCP member may misrepresent their rank or status by displaying a logo for a rank or endorsement they did not earn. No competition- or exam-related event may use the logo or name unless the competition or exam is registered with and approved by the BJCP.

The BJCP name and logo shall not be used by competitions, exam preparation classes, or other outside activities to indicate any form of endorsement or direct association; simply that these independent activities have agreed to comply with applicable published rules and procedures of the BJCP. Members and outside groups using the BJCP name and logo in accordance with this policy shall not bring disrepute to the BJCP, and further agree to cease using the BJCP name and logo on demand by the BJCP if this policy is violated.

The BJCP is always looking for new ideas of items to offer to members; please send suggestions to the Communication Director or a Regional Representative.

Adopted July 2014